Gwynn Kruger

Entrepreneur. Programmer. Software Architect. DIY Guy.

Hi! So here's a little about me and a few of the hats I wear:

Entrepreneur. Welcome to Apexitude Inc. This company is our first venture into entrepreneurship and has been challenging and so incredibly rewarding. As a partner of a young company, I get to do all the things including marketing, sales, finance, legal, operations, and support. Lots to do and so much fun learning it all!

Programmer. I have over 20 years of experience programming and leading development teams in healthcare, finance, and telecommunications industries in both public and private settings. When I deliver a simple solution that goes live and just works then I know I've done a good job. No drama. No firefighting. I know I've nailed it when it looks easy.

Software Architect. Get your architecture right and your system will be maintainable and resilient over the years; get it wrong and you'll create yourself a nightmare. I've seen it all and have transformed poorly architected systems bit-by-bit into something that's clean, understandable, and resilient.

DIY Guy. Reroofing our house, renovating our kitchen, levelling our cottage, restoring our boat, building our deck. I'm happiest when tackling big projects and creating high-quality results for a fraction of the price. Oh and welding. I loves me some welding!

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Sherri Kruger - Vice President ApexitudeLinkedin icon

Sherri Kruger, PhD

Process Improvement. Change Management. Project Management. Science Nerd.

I work with clients on business process improvement, managing projects and planning for change management. I've also work with clients who want side projects done yesterday. Projects like SOP development, SharePoint organization and redesign, process mapping etc...

I am a process driven, critical thinker with a strong affinity for learning. I've earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Winnipeg, a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Adelaide (Australia), a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Prosci Change Management Certification. My diverse work experience is from over 20 years, spent mostly at an innovative and fast-paced Fortune 200 organization.  I've held several key roles throughout my career - Data Analyst, Operations Manager, Human Resources Generalist, and National and Regional Functional Lead. Most recently, I co-founded Apexitude, an IT and Business Consulting practice.

As I'm highly motivated by new, interesting, and challenging projects, I thrive in the area of business process improvement. This is where I can leverage my love for lean methodologies, understanding business processes while integrating change and project management. Business process improvement also allows me the opportunity to collaborate and work closely with people from different business groups and inspire them to do what they do - only better.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, baking and spending time at the lake with my family and our dog, Kyle.