Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
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Purpose of the Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to Apexitude Inc. ("Apexitude") and sets out our policy on the gathering and use of personal information on this site and our other sites (collectively "Sites"). This policy was developed to comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Apexitude is committed to keeping the personal information of our customers accuate, confidential, secure and private.

How Apexitude Applies The Ten Principles of PIPEDA

Accountability: Apexitude is accountable for the protection of the personal information collected, used, retained and disclosed during the course of commercial activities; and requires a comparable level of protection of this information from its thrid party relations.

Apexitude has a Chief Privacy Officer who has overall responsibility for the protection of personal information and for Apexitude’s compliance with this policy.

Identifying Purposes: Personal Information is any information that would identify an individual directly, or indirectily in combination with data from other sources. Apexitude may collect Personal Information from customers including:

Apexitude may use or disclose this personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. Apexitude may choose to remove any personally identifying pieces of information ( like your name, physical address, email address, etc.) to create an anonymous data set which could be shared with advertisers, future business partners or other third party vendor. Since this data set does not contain personally identifyable information, and is therefore not considered Personal Information, Apexitude’s use of such data set is not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Consent: Apexitude must obtain the Individual’s express or implied consent when we collect, use or disclose your Personal Information.

If you use the Sites, or conduct a transaction through the Sites where Personal Information is essential, your consent is implied to collect and use to facilitate that use or complete the transaction requested or initiated by you only.

Examples of instances in which Personal Information may be collected by Apexitude are, without limitation:

In these cases, we may collect data such as, but not restricted to: areas of the Sites you visit, transaction types you engage in or request, content you view, your IP address, data downloaded or submitted by you, payment infromation you provide, shipping and billing information entered by you, as well as the nature, quantity and price of the goods or services you exchange and the individuals with whom you communicate or transact with while using the services.

Should Apexitude request Personal Information for scenarios outside of what is outlined above such as questionnaires, surveys, and profile data, it will include a specific consent request. Apexitude will advise that it is the individual’s right to refuse permission for Apexitude to use Personal Information for any new purposes.

Limiting Collection: Apexitude limits the amount and type of Personal Information it collects to that which is necessary for the business and as permitted by law. After which, Personal Information in our possession or control will be de-personalized or securely destroyed.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention: Personal Information may be used only for the purposes identified and must not be disclosed to third parties unless the Individual consents to the alternative use or disclosure.

Personal Information Use: Apexitude may use collected Personal Information for such purposes as:

If at any point you wish to withdraw consent to Personal Data collection, please contact Apexitude’s Privacy Officer via a method in the Individual Access section of this Privacy Policy.

Exceptions to the Consent Policy as per PIPEDA

Apexitude may collect personal information without the individual’s knowledge or consent only:

Apexitude may use personal information without the individual’s knowledge or consent only:

Apexitude may disclose personal information without the individual’s knowledge or consent only:

Accuracy: Apexitude will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information will be kept accurate, complete and up to date. As appropriate, individuals may seek to have Personal Information about them updated for accuracy and completeness.

Safeguards: Apexitude uses a combination of physical, organizational, and technological measures to safeguard Personal Information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. This Personal Information will only be available to Apexitude employees or thid parties on a “need to know” basis as set out in this Privacy Policy. Personal Information contained in Apexitude computers and electronic databases are password protected; and access to any of our computers is also password protected.

Although Apexitude does use appropriate security measures, no method of data transfer or storage on the internet is 100% secure and security risks cannot be eliminated entirely. Therefore, Apexitude cannot guarantee 100% security, integrity or confidentiality of Personal Information.

In the event that the security of your Personal Information, in the possession of Apexitude, is compromised, we will initiate a security incident response protocol. In the event of a data breach or security event involving Sites or Services, Apexitude will respond in an appropriate manner to contain, assess and communicate the breach or incident. If notification is deemed appropriate or required, Apexitude will notify individuals by email, or by other appropriate means within 72 hours.

Openness: Apexitude will make this Privacy Policy and any other policy relating to the protection of Personal Information accessible to its customers.

Use of Cookies: Apexitude, or the thrid-party companies used to host, operate or maintain our Sites, may place a cookie on individuals’ computers to allow use of these websites and to personalize your experience.

A cookie is a piece of software that can be sent by a web server to an individual’s computer or device, which may be stored by the web browser on that computer or device. Cookies allow Apextiude to recognize the computer while the individual is on our Sites and can customize the user experience and make it more convenient. Cookies are useful in that they allow for a more efficient log-in, tracking transaction histories, and preserving information between visits. The information collected from cookies can also be used to improve the Sites’ functionality.

Advertisers and other content providers that may appear on Apexitude’s Sites may also use cookies that are not sent by Apexitude. Such ads or content may contain cookies that help track and target the interests of individuals of our Sites in order to display targeted ads or other messages that the individual might find interesting. Apexitude is not responsible for any such cookies.

Most web browsers have features that can notify you when you receive a cookie or prevent cookies from being sent. If you disable cookies, however, you may not be able to use certain personalized functions of our Sites.

Individual Access: Any customer of Apexitude can have access to the Personal Information about them that we have in our possession or control. As stated above, individuals may seek to have Personal Information about them updated for accuracy and completeness, as appropriate.

Customers can make their requests by email Response to an individual’s request will be made in a timely manner.

Challenging Compliance: Any customer of Apexitude has the right to challenge Apexitude’s compliance with this Privacy Policy by contacting us directly. We will investigate and respond to individual’s complaints and questions.

Amendments: This Privacy Policy is in effect as of August 2019. The policy is subject to amendment should privacy legislation change.