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When you choose Apexitude you are choosing a business partner. Our consultants work with you to gain an understanding of where you are currently and where you ultimately want to be. While out of the box solutions have their place, we know "one-size fits all" usually doesn't. Through partnership, we can identify, plan and implement custom solutions for your business.

Software and IT Consulting Services

Apexitude provides virtual consulting and coaching services as well as custom software design and app development with expertise in many technical areas including the following:

.NET       SQL       Amazon Web Services       DevOps       Agile/Scrum

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You have a kick ass team, but is it time to take them to the next level? Apexitude can work with you to increase your development efficiency and implement a DevOps strategy that goes beyond team integration and automated building, testing and deployment.

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Custom Software 

Have a project in mind that you're itching to get done? We'd love to partner with you to design and deliver a truly custom software solution to exactly fit your needs.

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Agile/Scrum is an integrated way to deliver solutions faster, more reliably and in a coordinated way. Whether you're looking to implement or scale Scrum methodologies within your organiztion, Apexitude will work with you to determine what is truly needed and provide a custom solution to support your transformation efforts.

Business Services

 We partner with you to deliver your transformative business ideas in a way that fits how you operate and ensures buy-in at all levels of your organization. Whether you're a small, medium or large organization we will find a solution that fits.

Change Management   Workflow Design   project management   Process Mapping     

Risk Assessments     Lean Six Sigma

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Change Management 

So. Much. Change. Are you ready to build your change management capabilities internally? Apexitude's ProSci certified consultant can help you create a sustainable change program that will help you get buy-in, at all levels, so you can see the benefits of your transformation efforts.

workflow design

Workflow Design

Frustrated by inefficiency and KNOW there has to be a better way of operating? If you're just starting out or contemplating a complete overhaul of your workflows, Apextidue can help. We spend time upfront diving deep into your current processes and help identify pain points before designing your ideal future state.

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Project Management

Struggling to gain traction on your project and don't know where to start? Apexitude has decades of experience managing projects of varying degress of complexity. We will work with you to develop a roadmap, provide business analyst expertise and guide you towards a successful finish.

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